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Renewing R2P

There is still much work to be done on how to define and apply R2P, but there is hope for the concept, says Lloyd Axworthy.


The IMF: Crisis Fighter

In the wake of the IMF/WB Spring Meetings, Brett House considers the continued role of the IMF in reforming the global financial system.


The Ukranian Trilemma

Ukraine can be said to be facing three challenges, says James W Dean: democracy, nationalism, and globalization.


Erdogan’s Next Move

Will the Turkish Prime Minister run for a forth term against his own party’s rules?


How Canada Could Help Stem the Carnage in CAR

Canada is well placed to play an important role in stanching the conflict and returning the Central African Republic to peace, says Robert Rotberg.


Seeing Syria’s Horrors: A Message for Finance Ministers

Images from Syria are on display at the World Bank. The target audience is the 188 finance ministers there for the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings.

  • “Each week feels like a year”

    Homosexuality is now a punishable offense in 36 of Africa’s 54 countries. Uganda is the latest to pass an anti-gay law, one of the most draconian on the continent, which makes “aggravated homosexuality” punishable with sentences of up to life in prison. It has resulted in a “cloud of fear” for homosexuals in the country, writes Jan Puhl for Spiegel Online.

  • A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World

    There’s more of us to feed and we’re getting richer, driving up the demand for meat, eggs, and dairy. And that means more stress on the environment. How do we increase the availability of food while simultaneously cutting the environmental harm caused by agriculture? Jonathan Foley offers a five-step program.

  • Reinventing the Toilet

    Approximately 2.5 billion people lack basic sanitation. Of those, an estimated 1.1 billion defecate in the bush, contaminating drinking water and food. What is the solution? The Gates Foundation is betting on a new kind of cutting-edge toilet. But will it pan out? Jeremy Keehn reports for The Walrus.

  • The Second Great Struggle

    Twenty years on from the end of apartheid, South Africa and its neighbours Namibia and Angola are still struggling to build prosperous societies and meet the expectations which come with black majority rule. FT‘s Lionel Barber surveys the progress that has been made and the work that still has to be done on a 12-day tour of southern Africa.

  • One Year after Rana Plaza

    Jason Motlagh tells the story of the Bangladeshi garment factory collapse and its aftermath for the VQR: “Paki was attaching a zipper to a pair of denim jeans when the floor and pillars began to shake all around her… The floor below her heaved, then fell away as she plunged headlong into a cascade of calving concrete and machinery, where everything went black.”

  • Turkey’s Role in Syria

    Erdoğan wants to turn Syria into a client state, and he’s backing jihadists rebels to do it, argues Seymour Hersh for the London Review of Books. But first, Assad needs to be defeated, and that might not happen without U.S. air power. There’s evidence that Turkey orchestrated the chemical weapons attack in Damascus to push the U.S. to act.

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